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Sight Beyond Sight
Basic Equipment

Paranormal investigation has advanced in the past few years. TV shows, new books and improvements in tools have helped in researching the other side.

That said, it is important to remember that investigators do not need the latest high-tech  equipment to conduct an investigation.

We do believe there are several basic items  you need to conduct and investigation.

  • An Open Mind - We think  you get the picture on this one! 
  • Paper & Pen - Used to logged  your experiences, etc.
  • Flashlight - Most investigations are conducted "lights out" so a flashlight is required. It has been our experience that flashlights can also be used a communication tool.
  • EMF Detector - EMF detectors identify the amount of electromagnetic emissions from items such as microwave ovens, and high tension electrical wires. Most paranormal researchers agree that an EMF detector can alert investigators to the presence of possible paranormal activity.  (Can also be a used as a form of Q&A communication during an investigation.)
  • Digital Recorder - Used for EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sessions.
  • Digital Camera - Used for possibly capturing spectral energy.
  • Two-Way Radios - Used to communicate with team members in other locations.

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