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Our services include but are not limited to: private investigations, "cleansings", public investigations, radio shows, and speaking engagements.

We investigate both private residences, commercial, and public buildings. All investigations are kept strictly confidential (unless you allow us to release the findings.) We take our investigations very seriously, so no drinking, drugs, partying,etc.

We ask that the number of people at the location be kept to a minimum, and that anyone under age 18 not be in the area.

In an attempt to help others who are dealing with possible paranormal activity, we provide our investigative services to indentify, debunk or confirm such activity.

When ASP is contacted for an investigation, one of our team members will contact you for an initial interview to collect basic information needed to begin our process. Questions will include: your name, address, contact phone number, email address, the number of occupants in your location*, ages of occupants*, and the type of activity you are experiencing. Other information may also be asked to assess each individual case.

After collecting all required information, ASP will contact you to set up the investigation.

On the day of the investigation, ASP will come to your location and will make every effort to minimize any intrusion to your location. ASP will treat you and your property with respect and consideration. At all times, your privacy, property and safety is our main concern.

Over the next several weeks, ASP will review, scrutinize and debunk any and all data collected from the investigation. ASP will compile all validated data (EVPs, photos, video, etc.) and personal experiences. ASP will also provide any and all conclusive data on to portable media, included with your report. ASP will also conduct follow-ups as needed.

ASP will only close the case after YOU are satisfied and feel comfortable in your location. ASP will always be available to answer questions and to assist you during and after the investigation.

Note: If we travel to your location (over 75 miles), we will ask for reimbursement for our travel expenses. This reimbursement may include gas, tolls, etc. (and hotel if an overnight stay is required). We generally ask to be reimbursed for anything over 75 miles at the Standard Mileage Rate.  Due to the reality that there are always those who are unable to afford any type of reimbursement, this will vary on case by case basis. Note: A client's ability or inability to reimburse travel expenses is NOT a factor when decide to accept a case.

Radio and Speaking Engagements

We are available for speaking engagements for  your group, library, school, etc. 

Upcoming Engagements

  • Bob Trzeciak's Paranormal Radio Activity Show on JACK FM 89.7 windycityhometown.com  (9/21/15)
  • 2 library speaking engagements with Bob Trzeciak in October (date available soon)
  • Paranormal Conference (10/10-15 and 10-11-15)

Previous Engagements
  • Magick Radio Chicago with Drew Prince on 1680 AM - www.que4.org - 2015
  • Bob Trzeciak's Paranormal Radio Activity Show on JACK FM 89.7 windycityhometown.com - several appearances - 2015
  • Guest Speaker at the Palos Paranormal Conference at Moraine Valley Community College -  Oct. 2014 
  • Bob "The Subway Guy" Trzeciak's Paranormal Radio Activity Show on WARG - several appearances - 2011-2013
  • Game Pazzo - Speaking Engagement - Oct. 2011

* Private residence only


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